Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions 2013 (and how did I do in 2012?)

So first of all, let's recap on my New Year's Resolutions from 2012.  They were:
  • Delcutter my house
  • Lose weight (40-50 pounds)
  • Start my Teachers Pay Teachers store
My declutter plan is posted here.

My weight loss plan came from this book 
So I DID spend the WHOLE ENTIRE year decluttering and came a long way BUT I am not done.  I've come about halfway.  My goal is to take less than the 3 years Nony wrote about in her book that I am an affiliate for her Drowning in Clutter book that I highly recommend! Click here to view more details

I did lose 10 lbs. following this Game On diet book but I promptly put them back on + another 10 lbs. to achieve my highest weight ever. *face palm*

I did start my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  What a community!  That site is amazing!

So now onto my

New Year's Resolutions 2013! 

  • Continue decluttering and attempting to organize my house using advice from my affiliate links starting with Project Organize your Entire Life. Click here to view more details.
  • Keep up my laundry routine which I started one desperate day in July. 
  •  Weigh less on December 31, 2013 than I did on December 31, 2012 by losing up to 50 lbs.  (Like how I set myself up for success on that one?  Let me tell you, I think I'm at my peak!) I am going to continue working out 4 days a week, try to add in a 5th workout and try to get to WW meetings on my car pool Tuesdays off.  I also am going to join a 3 month biggest loser game.  Nothing says motivation like paying $20. 
  • I plan on blogging more.  It keeps me sane and motivated.  
  • AND I'm gonna spend less time on facebook *GASP* Even after I told you why I would never do that in this post here. The truth is my job has changed, my life has changed, I now have a smartphone so facebook is always available to me and I belong to too many facebook garage sale sites and groups that distract me.  Basically the biggest change I am going to make is not to sit down right after work, on facebook on my computer.  It DOES suck me in and it DOES distract me from the rest of my life.  I will continue to log on in the evenings after everything is said and done.  Vacation days are an exception and I will relook at how this is going over summer vacation.  I will continue to use facebook to share things with friends and family but not let myself feel like I have to catch up with everyone, every single day.

    and What I am most excited for in 2013!  My kitchen remodel!  Here is the before picture. 

    Notice the stenciled geese to the right of the sink.  They are also stenciled up on the soffit.

    Stay tuned.......

    Other affiliate links that have/are going to help me gain control of my life include:
    Nony's cleaning checklists Click here to view more details
    Teaching Kids to Clean Click here to view more details
    or you can get
    28 Days to Clean & Drowning in Clutter together Click here to view more details


  1. Congrats on seems as if this task is virtually impossible with children.

    Rock Stars At Work

    1. You can say that again! I now believe that you just have to keep going until your stuff becomes managable. The hardest part is not bringing new stuff in!