Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions--Part 2--Weight loss--THE PLAN

OK, OK Mrs. Zrihen at A Teacher's Treasure convinced me to go into more detail about my New Year's Resolutions.  I am a monthly resolution kind of gal.  To stick with something for a WHOLE YEAR is too much for my multi-tasking brain so I break it up.  However when I think of 2012 as a whole, this is what I want to accomplish--

  • Delcutter my house
  • Lose weight (40-50 pounds)
  • Start my Teachers Pay Teachers store
My declutter plan is posted here.

My weight loss plan comes from this book 
It has you competing against a team (my hubby and 4 other gal pals) and you keep track or your points.  You get points for doing these things....
  • eating 5 healthy meals 2-4 hours apart
  • exercising 20 minutes a day
  • working on a new habit (decluttering)
  • drinking water (my team decided on 72 ounces, I think the book recommends 96 but that is just--wow)
  • getting 7 hrs. of sleep each night
There are other rules that can add to your point total or subtract from it such as...
  • not drinking alcohol/pop (diet pop included--YIKES!)
  • losing 1% of your weight each week
  • communicating with your team
  • etc.
Some of these things may become a habit but the bottom line is I won't be able to keep ALL of these up long term.  I am hoping that I will lose weight and some of the new habits will stick!!  Are you trying to lose weight this year and how?  


  1. Thanks for following back! Two blogs, teaching and a family...I don't know how you do it! My school district allows me to take a two year leave from my position, so at least for now my job is waiting for me. My leave will be up at the end of this school year so I'll need to decide if I want to go back to work or resign from the position I've held for 10 years! This won't be an easy decision!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

    P.S. I'm following you here too!

  2. Well I don't do it all well, I stay up too late, drink a lot of caffeine and I prioritize. I always put me first, hence the blogging. Blogging is what I do to decompress. I have tried putting my house, husband and family first. Guess what happens. I get CRABBY! and then my world falls apart soooo, blogging keeps me sane and I love that I am documenting my feelings and my children growing up because it is sometimes a big blur, hence the jealousy that you get to stay home for two years.

  3. I would imagine 96 ounces would be especially challenging for you teachers who generally get one potty break a day!

  4. We did decrease the amount to 72 ounces since most of us are teachers. We did have a discussion about how we are going to get our potty breaks in. I have a bathroom in my room and can "sneak" away and the music teachers is making a sign for her door that says BRB. Hopefully we don't get fired because we are peeing!!