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We lost the race to our vaccines! :/ Quarantined at Easter. 2021

Update: Day 1-5: tired and sniffles, Day 6: slight cough,  Day 7-10: seems to be over it, Day 11 2nd Pfizer VACCINE!! My desire to have the vaccine was never about me. It was always about not bringing Covid19 home to my family. I was VERY excited to get my vaccine in Feb.  and then to get my second dose of Moderna in March. Many teachers talked about moving on with their life etc. etc. but having a senior and planning a graduation a party in May, I wasn't satisfied. We have spent the entire year being cautious, cancelling plans, zooming church, we haven't eaten out since early March 2020. I was not about to relax when I was the only member of my household vaccinated.  My senior works in childcare so I searched daily for a vaccine for her. We finally found one and she started her Pfizer vaccine mid March. I was starting to see the light. I was picturing going to church for Easter because I would be fully vaccinated! My senior would have just completed her 2nd vaccine, and we fou
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Taylor Swift and Folklore, another time stamp on my journey

This is the album that came out during the pandemic, the summer of my cancer diagnosis. I listened to it on the way to radiation most days. It is such an easy listening, musical, goose bumpy, teary album. It will always remind me of isolation, facing M’s senior year, and cancer. What a time in my life. Thank you Taylor for once again being there. Loved this film! Very goose bumpy!!!!  Ephiphany as a tribute to today’s pandemic heroes.....😭  Peace was a song that I just listened to in order come to peace and fix the anxiety that came with my cancer diagnosis. Something about it was soothing. Probably the high pitched metronome in the background. 😂

My next 5 years began today...

Today I start this hormone blocker. I will take this for 5 years and hope side effects are minimal. This is to prevent reocurrence  on the right and breast cancer on the left.  Follow up to this drug and my medical oncologist will be in 3-4 months. Wish me luck! 

Back to teaching in a pandemic

So I couldn't let this blog go without documenting teaching in person, in a pandemic. I wear a mask and a microphone and honestly it isn't as bad as a thought. The worst part is definitely not being able to hear the kids speak in their masks. Also the planning it takes to get ready for remote students, quarantined students, and in person students is a lot! And of course juggling students on zoom with students in your class is also a lot. I am looking forward to the day this stops for sure but I'm learning that I can do hard things. And better than I thought I was capable of. I am doing OK. How are you doing? 

Almost healed

It's been awhile. I've been busy. Working 5 days a week during a pandemic is not for the weak. I'm doing it though! I can do hard things. Anyway back to healing. I DID get a rash, DANG IT! and it showed up  2 weeks after I finished. They were not wrong. They said that week would be the hardest. However my daughter has severe eczema and when I compare my rash to her skin I still think I got off easy.  I think it is finally getting better now, a week later. I ended up stopping my prescription and using this Soothing Salve and I think it is working. This came in a  patient care package found here.   I have since repurchased this for my daughter.  So I have follow ups next week. I was glad that one was in person and one was telehealth. I got a phone call because they did ask me to do both via telehealth, because Covid19. It's getting pretty bad. I did say though that I thought they needed to see this rash. It's better but not gone, and it's taking it's sweet tim

Teachers, You CAN take the time

Teachers, I took 10 weeks off from my job for surgery and radiation.  If anyone would ask me advice I would say if you can’t easily leave your job, don’t even go in. Not working was be\st for the kids (stability) , best for the sub (stability), and best for me.  Surgery and treatment went really smoothly, and the whole time I stressed about not being at school. I felt good enough to be there, however every time I considered it I got really anxious. I had weekly appointments. I didn’t always know what was going on either.  Add Covid precautions, remote teaching while teaching in person, and Covid stress and the answer was clear. It baffled me though that many people not affiliated with schools did not understand why I wasn’t working.  Going back to work is going surprisingly well and I’m really glad I took that time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

SURPRISE! You are done with radiation. 16/16

That was the phone call I got at noon today, and my response was...OOOKKKAAAYYY? And the resident that called me laughed. He asked, "Are you OK with that?"  OF COURSE I'M OK WITH THAT!  The short story is that they are happy with the 16 treatments that I've had and they think it is enough.  The long story is my case is unique. It was a large area of contained cancer. They did 3 weeks of whole breast radiation. The next 5 treatments were supposed to be a targeted boost of higher radiation to just the cancer cavity which is large. Upon making my plan they discovered it is too large to do without risks. Basically the risks outweigh the benefit. They are more comfortable leaving me be than going forward with the boost which I most likely do not need. Sooooo...... YIIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!  I feel great and tomorrow I'm going back to work. You can now pray that I remember how to teach. :) What a roller coaster the last 14 weeks have been.  Ready or not here I come 2nd grade!