Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year Resolutions 2018

New Year Resoulutions....the reason I make them is because there is no other good thing to do in January. That being said I haven't made any since 2013 and I miss them. I'd rather call it new habit January though and try to focus on one main one. This year's main habit it good for my pocketbook but not so good for many of you. My new habit is not going to any direct sales parties, especially for me. An exception will be Lularoe for my kids. They need some leggings but I need nothing. So sorry DS friends. I have to do this for me. We are saving for Florida 18, Branson 18, and New York 19. Plus you were all right, High School IS expensive. Also can I please go to the doctor less. I DO want to celebrate that I had a healthy year and did NOT max out my out of pocket insurance!! (for the first time in 4 years). I only had ONE MRI, and THREE mole removals (2 expensive ones). Good vibes for no mole removals in 2018 along with a good MRI. 
Oct. 2018! Also if we could find an affordable anti-seizure med that is compatible with me and affordable and legal that would be great.....

Here are my 2018 Resolutions in order of importance 
  • Do not attend Direct Sales Parties (this will save me 52 million dollars)
  • Attend 150 Jazzercise classes in 2018, eat some vegetables 
  • Keep up with laundry (better do some today)
  • Clean and Orgnaize with A Bowl full of Lemons (now I'm just dreaming) (Possible February focus)

~How do you save money?
~ What are your New Year Resolutions?

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