Monday, July 17, 2017

Extracurriculars, oh how I love to hate them

I have 2 sayings my friends have heard me say many times 1. Never say never and 2. Pick your Poison (carefully, LOL)

  1. So we are trying something new that I said I would never do. Traveling out of town to a dance studio J chose. She is ready for the challenge and I’m ready to support her. Where she leads, we will follow. She is ready, we are ready to support her. 
  2. Most extracurriculars are expensive and intense. Gone are the days of $30 6 week programs. Extracurriculars are often an entire year commitment. Gone are the days of trying everything. Everyone wants their activity to be your #1. Music, dance or sports, pick your poison. It’s all expensive. Pick two poisons, multiple it by number of kids, go crazy, see you in the asylum. :) 
Anyhow, we have no idea if this is her right fit or how this is going to go but are excited to find out!
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My 2 cents on when to quit/change, when to push and when to leave alone. Quit-if the child and both parents are unhappy, then it is not a right fit. Push-if the instructors/coaches are respectful and trustworthy, they are learning and the child needs to learn to stick it out OR it is piano, always push for piano (LOL j/k, sort of, it worked for us). I feel the same way about swim lessons.  Leave alone-when all/most of you are happy, the child is learning and the instructor/coach is respectful and trustworthy, seriously, don’t mess with that.  Now, just when are we going to fit piano in……..????

Disclaimer—I know some will disagree with my opinion and that is OK. Also do I change my mind sometimes. YES! That is why I say NEVER SAY NEVER. 

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