Friday, February 12, 2016

Update --9 months--In November they took me off of Keppra to see how I would do.....(I didn't like taking it , I felt very groggy and fatigued). I knew the risk of going off was to risk having another partial seizure. I was an optimist thinking it wouldn't happen to me. Well today I found out the risk, took an ambulance ride and figured how to miss a half day of work. For anybody worried about me, I'm fine. It was an adventure. I will visit with my neurosurgeon Wednesday and life goes on. ~Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. ~Thanks so much to the Volunteer Fire & Rescue, the office staff, and all my friends at Deerfield that I give heart attacks to. Empathy is a killer sometimes. ~Business as usually people. What time is this snow gonna start?

I did get that tattoo though! 


  1. God bless you. So glad you are feeling better. This is a fear that I quietly live with every day.

  2. So happy you are resting easy. This is a dread that I unobtrusively live with consistently.
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