Saturday, December 19, 2015

Game Changer!!

7 month update, GAME CHANGER! No more Keppra (anti-seizure med)!! What an evil, evil drug. Many of you know that I have been complaining about fatigue and when it was getting worse, not better I worried and it messed with my mind. Am I sick? What is going on? Why can't I shake this?? I also was not able to contribute to cooking, cleaning and laundry after work. What a burden for Ryan. It was a horrible feeling so I consulted my neurosurgeon and he gave me permission to wean off Keppra. That was good news that I was doing well and I had nothing to lose in doing so. Very good news since I swear my MRI scans are written in Greek and I feel like they are talking behind my back about my brain, meaning I have no idea what is going on in my head other than my tumor is gone. So, today I went to the Y and pushed it a little bit, even ran (which I never thought I would do again!). 45 minutes later I could've kept going. On my journey I have been constantly adjusting to my new normal, thinking this is it. Today gives me new hope. I have not accepted my new normal yet. My best is yet to come! ‪#‎slowandsteadywinstherace‬‪#‎byebyeKeppra‬

P.S. My hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Next up, a tattoo!

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