Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bedtime woes, over?, knock on wood!

I have a five year old and a ten year old and I want to shout to the world that my bedtimes woes may be over!!! Next Tuesday Parenthood starts up again I think...I think I will be able to watch it in peace!  Prior to this time in our life my 5 year old fought me at bedtime.  She fought me from Day 1.  I have no idea how I kept my sanity most days but we did find a compromise a couple of years ago.  This what we would do.

An overworked family's bedtime routine:

8:00 PJs, brush teeth, read to her
8:15  Kindle time, (facebook  time for me) in bed (yes we tried this with and without) it was much better with.  At this time I cozied up at the foot of bed with my computer.  Why didn't I blog more?
8:45 Lights out
10:20 She finally fell asleep (and yes electronics had NOTHING to do with this, we tried it both ways).  However when I learned that she needed an absolutely quiet atmosphere in our tiny house I banned the rest of the family to the basement.  Apparently I live with night owls and I'm not one!!!!  After I learned this her bedtime started to back up until she was sleeping 9-7.  Now with the start of Kindergarten she falls asleep almost instantly and I don't need to sit in there during this time.  I was so afraid to stop that I just didn't.  Until last night.  The Big Brother Finale was on and she put herself peacefully to sleep.  *Angels singing*


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