Saturday, March 16, 2013

Arizona vacation

For spring break this year we flew to Apache Junction and mingled with the snow birds!  We had a lot of fun packed into our long short weekend away.  We went Thurs.-Mon. but since Thursday and Monday were travel days we could only do things Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Besides visiting with my parents we visited
IKEA! (I had no idea that place had good cheap food! We ate TWO breakfasts!)
the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet
Filly's Roadhouse
Goldfield Ghost Town
and hiked the  Hieroglyphic Canyon TrailI recommend them all!!!

Superstition Mountain.  The trail we hiked is somewhere in there. 
At the beginning of the Hieroglyphic Trail

Desert picture near the top of the trail.  The scenery was breathtaking.  
Notice how rocky the trail was.  It is labeled as easy and I did see all ages on it but my dad and M did turn around about this point and one of the fell on the way down.  Be prepared and careful if you try this trail!!  However it is free and you can always turn around. I think it took is an hour to get up there and about 30 minutes to get back down.  We could've spent another 30 minutes enjoying the scenery at the top but we were on a time constraint.  
Breathtaking views.
At the end of the Hieroglyphic Trail.  Notice how you are just boulder climbing at this point.  
Goldfield Ghost Town
Tuckered out J on the plane ride home.

A few tips for flying with kids.  A Thirty-One cinch sack is a must (in my eyes) as well as a crossbody purse.  Less is more on the plane.  The kindles were enough along with the window seat.  The tylenol was necessary and  we did bring a pillow pet and it did come in handy!!

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