Saturday, March 2, 2013

A month in the life of the kchick, (February 2013)

Whew!! We accomplished a lot in the month of February. We worked on our house every spare minute of the day.
Feb. 1-  Drove 40 miles to pick up this desk I found off the local swap site.  This is for M's craft room, walk in closet.  I am so excited to have the mess contained! 
Feb. 2-  M's room was pained in January. Benjamin Moore, Fairytale Blue.  Egress window trim being finished.
Feb. 3- Groundwork being laid for extra outlets.
Feb. 4- Oh no!  Both girls have influenza!  With the flu shot though it was pretty mild.  This teacher took advantage of the sick days to catch up on laundry!
Feb. 5- Hubby is preparing to take over since I had to go do conferences.  I think he was a little afraid of getting sick himeself.  What do you think?
Feb. 6-  Hubby was more productive on his sick day.  Old desk spray pained and conduit outlets finished.
Feb. 6

Feb. 7- Shaw caramel carpet installed by Home Depot.

Feb. 8- Comp day.  Having coffee, staring at the geese one last time.  How often I did that the last 10 years.  I started dreaming of painting over them, followed by refinishing the cupboards, until they started to fall apart and then I started dreaming of a brand new kitchen!!
Feb. 9- Bed delivery and official move in to new room! M now has the newest, most comfy bed in the house. 
Feb. 10- Begin kitchen project, tear down wallpaper, remove appliances.  These were the 16th, 17th and 18th walls of wallpaper we've removed from this house since we moved in 10 years ago.  We've tried all the solutions, vinegar, DIF, fabric softener, steam.  What we have found works best is just soaking HOT water (from the Keurig) and a scraper.  A crew of 3-4 people is very helpful as well as a tall guy. 
Bare bones kitchen
Feb. 11--Putting finishing touches on M's desk. 
Feb. 12--After thinking about what Benjamin Moore paint color I wanted for 2 years, my hubbyt throws a wrench it my decision and says, "You need to buy paint from Home Depot and you need to go pick it out tonight."  What?!  I haven't researched Behr paint colors yet!  So M and I headed to Home Depot after piano lessons, contemplated for 30 minutes, decided on Behr Lemon Pound Cake.  Just to be sure I headed over to the cupboards and granite to make sure I liked it with them.  It looked great with the cabinets but not so much with ghibli granite I orginally picked out.  It was too peachy and after holding the paint up to the Venetioa Gold Slab here I told them to STOP MY GRANITE ORDER!  So I picked a paint and switched the granite.

Feb. 13-  Demolition day 1.  The contractor is moving in.
Feb. 14--Valentine's Day, loopty loo, twisty heart hair.

More chocolate than I can eat (which doesn't happen often).

Demolition Day 2
Feb. 15- Preschool Sing
Feb. 16- Begin Paint

Feb. 17- After 3 coats of Behr Lemon Pound Cake

Feb. 18-  A time of truth.  Pulling the cabinets out of the boxes and measuring. We learned that they didn't come flush to the windows so there was more scraping and painting to be done around the windows.  Also the drywall on the ceiling  needed to be patched. That all happened on Feb. 19.

Feb. 20
Feb. 21- SNOW DAY!  So I worked on these closetmaid cubbies in the basement so the contractors could work upstairs.
Since a lot of snow was predicted they had to pull all the cupboards in from our detached garage.

Feb. 22- bottom cabinets went in.

Feb. 24-  Someone is turning 5 (Feb. 25)
Build a Bear Party.  Simplest part I've ever had!

Feb. 26-  Utility cabinet/pantry/clutter hider wall.  I'm in love!!!

Feb. 28- Appliances!!  I LOVE my new fridge! Kraftmaid Layton Peppercorn cabinets. Frigadaire appliances.
  I'm tired just posting all that!!  Three weeks until the counters. Stay tuned.......

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