Saturday, January 12, 2013

Calling all work outside of the home moms!


Are you a mom that works outside the home?  Every mom has challenges.  I know the challenges of both because I am a SAHM in the summer and I work a gazillion hours the rest of the year.  Every time I think I have found balance teaching and home my hopes and dreams come crashing down and reality sets in.  My blogs address how to balance your family life when you are a SAHM but WOHM and WAHMs have time challenges and work/personal challenges that are not often addressed. Through social media I have found that I am NOT alone.  I have been talking to Leslie of  Momma Harvey and we would love to hear from other working moms that have either figured out the balance or want to give us their personal challenges to write posts about.  We are also looking for other working mom bloggers to help us out with these posts! Right now I am struggling to find time to work on decluttering, organizing, laundry as well as my remodel project.

Also I am looking for moms with an android tablet to help me pin educational apps to my android educational app pinboard. If you would like to help me, comment with your pinterest link  or name and I will invite you to help me pin.   

Here are some things I am up to. 

Decluttering.  This is a solid oak coffee table.  It was my very first furniture purchase.  I have no room for this.  Any idea how I can repurpose it?  This one will be a struggle for me to get rid of. My girls are currently finding toys to get rid of.  To motivate them I am paying them $1 per garbage bag.  WORTH IT!

Old desk to be repurposed for M.  I can't figure out if we should use this for her homework desk or a vanity area.  This desk is from my childhood home and I've always loved the storage it has.

M's new walk in closet put into a useless section of our house between the laundry room and bedroom.  This is the second closet in the bedroom and I'm wondering if I should set it up to be a craft room for her instead.  She does not need two closets!! (This was orginally supposed to be my closet.)

My hubby is texturing the closet ceiling today.  Not bad for a first timer.

Laundry today or naked tomorrow.  We are seriously behind on laundry so we will be doubling up this next week.  That means 2 loads a day!!! I have not ever managed that yet so wish me luck but I suck even more at a laundry day (that was supposed to be today).  MUST GET CAUGHT UP!

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