Saturday, November 10, 2012

Never say Never!~ I'm officially a dance mom!

So if I someone asked me this question, "If you could live vicariously through your children, what would you have them do?"  I would answer dance.  I have also been know to say, I will never push dance on my children.  I will give them the opportunity, if they love it great, if not, I'll pretend like it is no big deal.  Well guess what?!  M tried out for her first competition dance team on her own free will, made it, and I'm officially completely wrapped up in it before competitions have even begun!  I am very excited that she will be attending Jump with names such as Nick Lazzerini (season 1 winner of So You Think You Can Dance?, who I voted for over and over and over) and Mia Michaels (fingers crossed that she'll be there).  I am obsessed with meeting these people.  How will I ever make it to January 4? How will I act like this is no big deal?  and will I come across as a crazy dance mom?

And now that you have the background on my obsession, let me tell you about finding out she made it.  It was a very emotional hour.
9:40~e-mail posted, I thought M was #19 and it looked like she made it but the e-mail was confusing so I e-mailed teacher to confirm that yes she had made it and e-mailed my hubby.
10:10~ I was still confused so I opened the e-mail again and widened it and learned that #19 didn't make the coveted Jump competition but did make the local one. I e-mailed my hubby, texted my friend to find out that M's BFF made it and M did not. I choked back tears as I texted Congratulations to her (never thought I'd be so wrapped up in this, never say never.)
10:35~ I e-mailed my mom and sister the bad news. They were anxiously awaiting the news. I told my co-workers about all of it (thankfully this was all during my planning period).
10:40 I returned to my computer after telling EVERYONE she didn't made it and it said (from her teacher) NO!!! M IS NUMBER 20!!!! SHE MADE JUMP  AND LOCAL COMPETITION!!!

Come to find out that #19 and #20 somehow traded stickers. I bet #19 things she is #20 and thinks she made it. D'oh!
The competitor
Little sister



  1. Ooh, that sounds confusing! I've been involved in Scottish Highland dancing for almost 25 years now, first as a competitor, then as a dance teacher, and now as a dance mom, and I gotta tell you - the hardest job BY FAR is being a dance mom! My little guy had a competition yesterday and my blood pressure goes up so high, it's just ridiculous. Phew! Good luck to you, new dance mama, and let me know if you figure out any secrets for being cool, calm & collected at dance competitions ;-)

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