Thursday, June 7, 2012

How you doing?

So this morning, my friend and I were walking and talking, minding our own business when we came across 2 male turkeys in the middle road.  We witnessed a conversation that went something like this in my head.

Turkey 1: Come on dude, I need you as my wingman. Puff out your chest and spread your feathers like this (turkey 1 demonstrates).
Turkey 2: like this?
Turkey 1: that' s it. Come on man. (They go back and forth and finally turkey 2 decides he wants no part of it and runs in the opposite direction.)

  This doesn't stop turkey 1. At this point we are following him down the road, and turn the corner just in time to see him impress the ladies. We really should've stuck around to see how it ended...

Unsuspecting females
The best part is I AM THROUGHLY ENJOYING MY SUMMER BREAK!  I would've totally missed the humor in this, let alone blog about it during the school year. Join other teachers in a You Know It is summer break when.....hosted by Kindergarten Lifestyle

Updating on July 3 to say we have turkey babies!!!!

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