Saturday, June 30, 2012

Because I failed at fly lady--I'm a slob!


July 1 to me is like January 1 for many.  It is always the time a year I try to take control of something that bothers me to get it in place for the upcoming school year and my crazy (signed J up for soccer last night) soccer, dance, softball, piano, church, school schedule!  I have tried fly lady and failed many, many times.  I found Nony, read this book and July 1 I begin!!  Anyone care to join me????

If so download Nony's book from my affiliate link here> Click here to view more details .  If you want to join me in a Facebook accountability for the month of July please comment.  If you find this mid July you can really jump in.  We will basically be working on one habit the whole month!!!  What a concept, make it a habit for a whole month before adding more to your plate.  I am not gonna give away what that habit is but my hubby is gonna love me!!! (Hint: it is something he normally does.)  You have to read the book to find out what it is.  Will you join me?

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