Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kindle Fire vs. ipad--What shoud you buy?

Kindle Fire! 

In case my love for this product is not clear I thought I should write yet another post about how great the Kindle Fires are.  

Let me be clear.  I do not have the latest and greatest when it comes to technology but I do consider myself somewhat tech-savy.  I am not brand loyal.  I am best product loyal.  If I had everything I wanted tech-wise this is what I would own:

  • A Macbook--simply because they do seem virus proof and let's face it.  I attract a lot of viruses.
  • A Kindle Fire--because I could read books, listen to music (I can go on and on about Amazon cloud), play on flash based websites, watch movies + a lot more!  Amazon offers many free books and apps every day.  If you end up buying a book, it is cheaper than the paperback.
  • An iphone--for the camera alone, 'nough said.  
  • A sansa clip MP3 player--because I wouldn't take a Kindle on a run with me.  I despise itunes and will not ever own another ipod.  
If I had all these favorites of mine, I would never have a reason to own an ipad ever.  I have one at school and I could take it or leave it.  My girls' Kindles though, yeah, they are lucky to get their hands on them.

When I hear about schools adopting ipads I think to myself, Why not Kindle fires??  Do kids really need a camera on their device?  Did you know Kindle Fires will play and ipads won't?  Did you know Kindle Fires are way cheaper??????

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