Saturday, February 4, 2012

All in a Saturday.....and a couple from earlier in the week

 This week started out a little rough.  Last Sunday M tried to cram all her homework into Sunday night and then when I went to sign her January reading log (which I totally trust her with) I was appalled by the lack of minutes.  There was a meltdown and anyone with a 9 year old probably knows, it wasn't pretty so we came up with this contract and had a good rest of the week. Phew!
J on Reading Eggs.  I discovered Reading Eggs on Mrs. Willis' blog so I signed up fro my 30 day trial.  I am loving it!!!! I discovered that J knows her letters and sounds but cannot hear what things start with.  She also has trouble remembering things in sequence so this probably goes hand in hand.  Not a huge problem, she's three, but good info to have. 

This is what I woke up to.  J playing with her Kindle, watching the snow come down.  We had a very pretty snow this weekend and ended up with 8-9 inches of heavy white snow. 
This was what it looked like this morning with half the snow.  It snowed all day.

J, ready to play in it.

M already playing in it.  In fact she stayed out most of the day. 

The beauty of a 5.5 year age span.  I get to watch from the window.  J lasted only lated 15 min. though, before she came in, undressed in a fury and then proceeded to tell me that she came in because the train was loud but would go back out after it passed.  LOL  I guess I she does still need me, so I went back out with her later. 

Our weekend project was moving this out of the old toyroom (the soon to be master bedroom).

To here.  The family room.  A huge bedroom of toys will be condensed to one shelf. 

So we had to test out some toys to see what our favorites were.  Elfun is always a keeper.  My only dislike with Elfun is that it uses C batteries.  Who buys C batteries???

And when you are not catching enough, get closer. 

We got the job done with the help of super sliders.  Best $6 we could've spent!  Polished up and shiny I am really hating to load it up, so I didn't.  Instead I searched high & low for new bins.  I am thinking of purchasing these from the Dollar Tree...

The shelf was built here and hadn't been moved for decades and was painted around several times. 

Now I need to purchase fabric to make a tablecloth for here and the wicker toy box liner.  This poor table has been used and abused. 

and then we sat down to see this nail-biter of a game.  2 hours of back and forth that was decided in the last 7 seconds of the game.  We are happy that our alumns pulled off this win!!
Now does anyone want to come sort the toys for me?  Stay tuned......

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  1. Amanda -
    My kids had that elefun game --- oh my gosh, it brings back great memories. I'm glad you came by - I wil visit you often and see what you are up to. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After