Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorting Sock Saturday!

 It all started with hubby threatening to go buy new socks today.  That is usually our solution to the sock mess.  Once a year though I tackle this, usually on New Year's Day, but I've been busy.  "NO, DO NOT BUY NEW SOCKS!  I'LL SORT THEM I PROMISE!"

What?!  You only sort socks once a year?
Basically yes.

So how do you find socks? 
We dig through the clean ones until we find matches. 

Does the pile get huge? 
Why, yes it does. 

How huge?
Well I'll show you.

1 helper

2 helpers

Not sure how helpful this is (random underwear was found and thrown and landed on the ceiling fan)

Hanging in there an hour later (no joke!)

An hour's progress

 A lot of fun was had through hide n seek

Sock monsters

And threats of being "fired"


Awwww, some itty bitty socks headed to Goodwill...

Lone sockville

Now who is going to put all these away??

The rest get to hang out until these matches are found (these are pretty new) and then the rest are goners!   

  Is this system pratical?  Does it make sense?  No not really.  I have looked into other ways to do socks such as this system here that I love, but it just doesn't make sense for us.  We only have 2 girls, there would be no girl sock/boy socks and they are not the same size.  I do try to buy the same solid color socks in 6 packs so that if you lose 2 singles you still have a pair.  I've been doing it this way for years.  Anybody have any tried and true sock systems used by sock sorting haters??  Other things I will not do, pin socks together or put them in a mesh bag.  Why?  Because hubby does the laundry, not me.  I just put it away (sort of). 

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