Friday, January 6, 2012

Decluttering--Part One--Hopeful--Thrifty Thursday

The Journal--Week One

My decluttering posts will be mostly for me. Because I want to post often they may be pictureless and somewhat boring. I want to journal what I accomplish in 2012 and right now I am idealistic and hopeful that next year this time I will look back at this post and remember where I started.  Right now the task is daunting.

This week I managed to get rid of a ton of plastic hangers, some of hubby's button down shirts along with 7 bags of stuff that I've been collecting for awhile.  We cleaned out closets and the toy room so far. I took the bags to the Thrift shop on Thursday and I am hoping to make this a Thursday tradition.  Thrifty Thursdays I will call it.  :)

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