Sunday, December 25, 2011

WARNING!--We are blessed or spoiled, whatever you want to call it. :)

Christmas is over and I am happy because we I suck at being Santa.  Here is how we've messed up in the past...

  • Left the Christmas budget up on the computer for first grader to look at, when Santa came she knew it was us.
  • Then I had Easter baskets ready to hide and they were in plain sight in my bedroom before a trip.  I asked my first grader to get me something out of my bedroom at that moment.  If she had any hope about the Easter bunny, I ruined it right then and there.  We had a heart to heart and she joined the lying  keep the story going for your sister team.
This year we royally screwed up we........
  • Were ahead of the game wrapping stuff up ahead of time, only there was no forethought about what wrapping paper was from Santa and what was from us.  
  • The pink 4+ legos got slapped with a J tag (they were supposed to be for M) and neither one wanted the primary colored legos for 2-5.
  • We messed up the stockings.  I mean royally messed up.  I couldn't remember whose was whose so all of J's stuff went in M's and vice versa.  All J wanted from Santa was a stuffed monkey.  Well M got it instead.  M also got princess socks and J got a UNI stocking hat.  They seemed thrilled (except for the princess socks) so we let it go....
But all in all Christmas was a hit despite our mess-ups and so far the 3 year old still believes.  It is only a matter of time before she is smarter than us.  

Some other highlights include....

  • J opened up her KindleFire first and M said "no fair!"  (Yes they both got Kindle Fires.  I warned you!)
  • Hubby had me so off track on my gift I was super surprised to open Keurig cups.  (Yay!)  J was even in on the decoy.  "Here's your bracelet mom."
Here are pictures from the season.....

 Art supplies!!
 Posing with mom at her preschool sing!
 A dollhouse!

 What?!  These say for ages 2-5!

 Posing with Dad!
 Teacher kid being naughty!
 Budding musician.
 My new Land's End coat for 0 degree recess!!
 And my new toy!!
J's new UNI hat that was supposed to be M's.  I digress.  
Happy Holidays!!!!

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