Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Website Wednesday-Back to School tips for parents

I want to spend Wednesdays talking about my favorite websites and just got a Back to School tip link from one of my favorite websites

I am also a weather nut.  I have a love/hate relationship with extreme weather.  2011 has been a crazy year for weather.  My town has been flooded since early June and many families are displaced still.  Luckily our drinking water stayed safe and my house is unaffected.  What extreme weather have you seen this year?


  1. In July we went from having triple digits to barely into the 70s. In May it was cold and rainy. Nothing to extreme just very odd.

  2. We have had more hot and humid days than we normally do here :/ Blech, I had humidity! In the northern part of our state they have had tons of rain and thunderstorms and actually have a had a few tornadoes which is rare for this area!