Thursday, August 4, 2011

This and That--Bargains, Things I love, & Weight loss

Our small town bookstore is going out of business :(.  I am extremely sad about this because they carry teacher stuff along with everything else a bookstore carries.  They would also order absolutely anything you ask them for.  Currently everything is 70% off today I got:
2 new books by Donna Smallen--The one-minute organizer and the one-minute cleaner.  Expect quotes to show up here.
A booklight for someone because we go through them like water (I should've bought 4).  However when hubby came home he was so touched that I bought this for him that I didn't have the heart to tell him it was for us to share.  (Shhhhh, our secret).  M is on board--phew.  J is the one that loses them so yeah we need to keep this one out of her hands.  
2 printer cartridges at $8 a pop!!!!! Now what can I print???

Things I Love
My pedometer.  I've battled weight gain my entire adult life.  Most of you probably know how it is gain some, lose some, gain some more.  My trusty pedometer is my truth-o-meter.  When I am too tired to work out, I can look at it and see that WOW, you've walked 27,000 steps you SHOULD be tired, go to bed girl.  Or, wow, you've walked 5,000 steps, no excuses girl, go work out.  I have NEVER gained weight WHILE wearing this truth-o-meter and I love this $5 Wal-mart version.  I must go get more!!  I just joined Weight Watchers so not only am I trying to not gain, I am currently trying to lose my dangerous 10 lbs. (meaning I am technically obese, and cholesterol is too high, and the wedding ring doesn't fit)+ my extra 10 lbs. (meaning I am only 10 lbs. from being obese, and only 10 lbs. from fitting into most of my clothes), + more please! Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck my friend. I just download this app on my phone called noom. It has a thing that will track you walking riding a bike. Etc. you can input your meals and things like that its really cool. I am hoping to loose some weight this year.