Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to School & Balancing it all

Here I am, back to school time.  This week I started working 4 half days (Jump Start K program) and made my annual back to school resolutions.  Here they are:

Every day I will:
Eat well-keep track of WW points
Exercise 4 hrs. per week
Drink 64 oz. of water
Vaccuum and pick up a room, do a load of laundry
Cook a meal
Accomplish one thing on my ongoing to do list, one thing on my fun list
Shut off the computer and read at night

Here is a rundown of how I did working a measly 12 hrs. this week.

Monday-  Did it all, I didn't work.
Tuesday-  Roomba battery died, I decided to skip picking up and laundry.
Wednesday- I managed to eat well, exercise, and cook.
Thursday-  I was exhausted and skipped it all.
Friday-  Not only did I skip it all but I said phooey on the WW points and sent husband out for chocolate.

All this and I only worked 12 hrs.  Next week I have to teach Jump Start in the morning AND put my classroom together. I'm hoping my Roomba battery comes soon.  I blame it all on that.  How is it that if one thing crashes, everything crashes? Stay tuned............

Edit to show how I am keeping track of it all here


  1. I am so jealous of your roomba. But you will get back into the swing of things soon I am sure!

  2. I got my roomba on ebay a couple of years ago for $70. This is the second time I have had to place the $30 battery BUT it is cheaper than a housekeeper!!!!!!

  3. Roomba battery is here!! Must go charge....