Friday, May 31, 2019

Bittersweet watermelon

So today I entered another phase of my life. I have a middle schooler and a high schooler. I think I'm in shock, or sad, or proud, or happy. I really can't tell what all these feelings are but here I am. I am cutting watermelon in an empty house because I dropped the 11 year off at the pool with a friend and the 16 year is taking a nap because she is one busy teen. My family loves watermelon. Up to this point in my life I refused to buy watermelon because it is messy and I'm too busy to cut it up. Well now my 16 year old can drive to the store and buy her own watermelon (this is the 2nd one this week). She promised she would cut it up but she fell asleep. I however am sitting in this empty house (teen is here but it still feels empty) cutting up this damn watermelon because I have just entered this very bittersweet stage where I want to cut the watermelon because I can't nap with my teen or swim with my pre-teen. So what do I do? I cut the watermelon for them because they love watermelon as tears run down my face because this is so very bittersweet. I hope someday you can cut the watermelon too.

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