Friday, April 20, 2018

I'm a slacker mom but that is OK because I'm doing it my way!

So M has an all day event today. I took a personal day from work before the schedule was out. Her main event isn't until 4:30. She insisted that no parent goes to the 10:30 event. She was singing a song I've heard with 150 girls. I thought sweet, I don't want to spend the entire day an hour away either. I will enjoy my day, come to 4:30 event, get some R&R AND kill the mom thing. I'm amazing.

10:45 that morning the facebook posts start coming in while I was in my recliner playing candy crush. Oh here comes the mom guilt! So many thoughts ran through my mind. Gotta love facebook. Then I realized, that I am just a mom doing the mom thing my way. Three years ago I was fighting for my life, but also learning life lessons. I am here, I am great, and THIS is a wonderful thing. I am lucky to be doing this mom thing MY way. I need R&R to do this mom thing. Everything in moderation is MY way and that is OK. My girls are great despite my slacker momming. WE are OK. I encourage you to be a slacker mom too, (IF you want to). You do you.

It's also my third craniversary! I am so blessed to be doing so well and I remember that every single day (especially when I brush my hair and bump a screw).
Here are some things I learned Apr. 15/16 2015
How to let go and let God
It is OK to skip things and say no
Basically, slow down
Time heals—for real
I love you all
#atypicalbraintumor #meningioma

AND the lesson of all, do the mom thing MY WAY I'm here and that is a gift

Did I mention that I'm doing this MY way??? 

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