Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest inspired packing with the help of Thirty-one!

OMG, I am obsessed with Pinterest, obsessed with Thirty-one, obsessed with traveling, and obsessed with organized packing.  What do you get when all this comes together in a perfect storm???

Find the pinterest inspiration here.

It started with my asking the girls to bring me outfits they would wear.  M did a nice job.  J emptied out her dresser and threw the contents on my bed.  Unfortunately it was all pajamas. :(

Genius idea from Pinterest.  We will be staying in 5 different places so we will know what is dirty, what is not and the girls will be able to find their own clothes.  I am going to remember this trick for the many weekend trips we take too!

6 days + 3 girls in 1 suitcase!!
Zipped.  I love this suitcase.  It is around 21 inches and has wheels.  I can stuff so much in it!! This is one non thirty-one bag we have.
Also inspired from Pinterest.  Craft containers turned snack containers.    
A Bag For Everything
The girls things.  And I wonder why they are bag ladies.  Where in the world do they get that from?   We have clipboards with printable road games such as license plate bingo, coloring books, colors, flashcards, I packed some flashlights, sunglasses, magna doodle, favorite toys etc.  I like this bags because they are open and they can throw toys in them from their carseats but also have handles in order to be carried into the hotel.  The pink and blue bags (also from thirty-one) hold their books, kindle fires, and headphones.  

They packed their own bags.  I confiscated these gems out of J's bag.  
Miscellaneous things thrown in a Large Utility Tote.  I will take another for dirty clothes.    These will stay in the van and collect stuff.  We will put our dirty clothes in plastic bags and throw them in the empty one each day.  

Swim bag for swimwear.  I start to bag up things for different activities. That way we won't have to haul everything in every hotel. 
Shoe bag for shoes.
Electronics Bag, Cosmetic Bag, and the bag of choice for my purse in order to hold travel guides.  

His and hers coolers.  Can you guess which is which.  He refuses to use a girly cooler, even though I have one we could both use.  *sigh*  Change of plans I threw in our biggest cooler on wheels.  We are flirting with 100 degrees so will need a lot of water and other summer drinks. ;)  and a Tervis cup for all of us!

Bag lady central.  

Bin in the van for wipes, sunscreen, medicine, water, first aid kit.  All the things someone will ask where is the __?
Bin with lid, little trash can, mini organizer with random things, an empty little tote to put stuff.

All packed and ready to go!!  Where are we going?  Stay tuned to find out!!


  1. I LOVE this!!!! I just started selling 31 products because I realized I had a bit of an obsession with it! This way I can support my "habit". If you need a consultant, my website is I always have an open party going on that you could order from and have it shipped to wherever you are.

    1. I have a couple of consultants but thank you! I joined a 31 bag of the month club in January. 12 of us committed to buying $31 worth each month and host one month. Therefore the hostess has a minimum of $372 in sales her month. You should totally look into doing that!